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RT @JoaquinCastrotx: The United Kingdom is right to help the people of Hong Kong. The United States must do its part in welcoming Hong Kong…
06-04 23:59

RT @Conservatives: "...of 12 months and be given further immigration rights, including the right to work, which could place them on a route…
06-04 23:58

RT @Conservatives: "At present, these passports allow visa-free access to the UK for up to 6 months. If China imposes its national security…
06-04 23:58

RT @Conservatives: ✍️ Prime Minister @BorisJohnson on #HongKong: "Today, about 350,000 of the territory’s people hold British National (Ove…
06-04 23:58

RT @robertcourts: This is a very welcome move. We sincerely hope that China will reconsider its approach. But if it does not, we will n…
06-04 23:57

RT @FloEshalomi: As a co-signatory to the joint declaration, the UK has a duty to the Hong Kong people to hold China to account for the pro…
06-04 23:57

RT @Mark_J_Harper: We have a unique responsibility. China made legally binding commitments in the Joint Declaration with Britain. We should…
06-04 23:56

RT @simonjamesjupp: The PM is absolutely right. We stand with the people of Hong Kong. https://t.co/w8SERAx4C0
06-04 23:55

RT @TCitizenExpress: 纪念31年前的今天1989-06-04 https://t.co/tzCsrw1pUU
06-04 23:55

RT @DavidDavisMP: It is good news that we are willing to stand behind our historic responsibilities to the people of Hong Kong, now that Ch…
06-04 23:55

RT @RepMarkGreen: Remember Tiananmen Square? Beijing doesn't handle peaceful protests, they roll in the tanks. Not to mention they currentl…
06-04 23:55

RT @Jonatha60388487: @CHRDnet The CCP not only violates the fundamental rights of its own people, but is also a threat to democracy and fre…
06-04 23:54

RT @CHRDnet: Chen Yunfei vanished into police custody on May 31 following his speech at an online gathering to remember #Tiananmen, ahead o…
06-04 23:54

For Hong Kong, Tiananmen Looms Over the Future https://t.co/4RRkaCYIyw
06-04 23:51

BBC News - Hong Kong: Thousands defy ban to attend Tiananmen vigil https://t.co/A8IzTTSVAx
06-04 23:49

China will crush dissent in Hong Kong, just as it did in Tiananmen Square | Ma Jian https://t.co/xdnCjobRo6
06-04 23:47

RT @rockyyyroaddd: @ThomasVLinge People in Hong Kong on June 4Pray for the victims#6431truth https://t.co/YV4XWjDT02
06-04 23:45

RT @ThomasVLinge: Never forget the #TiananmenSquareMassacre of 31 years ago. It was a day on which the Chinese military was send in to "res…
06-04 23:45

RT @MollyMcKew: The Tiananmen massacre remains one of the most censored topics in China.They hate Tank Man—one of the most iconic photos…
06-04 23:43

RT @CheungKlm: @JohnSimpsonNews Robot Lam has given up her powers to CCP & used unreasonable ban on social gatherings when there is no loca…
06-04 23:42

RT @deinhk: @JohnSimpsonNews Salute to all freedom fighters and the ones who recorded history under the suppression by Communist China. #4…
06-04 23:42

RT @woodgnomology: @JohnSimpsonNews @hendopolis 'Because the heart-wrenching testimonies of the Tiananmen mothers contradict the official v…
06-04 23:42

RT @JohnSimpsonNews: 31 years ago tonight I watched the Chinese army move into Tiananmen Square, spraying the buildings with automatic fire…
06-04 23:41

RT @Day_Swing: 香港議会 国歌条例案を可決https://t.co/fZ41IHciuy国歌条例案(national anthem bill)と報道し、国家安全法(national security law)と報道すると;香港議会は、条例と法律の両方を成立…
06-04 20:14


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